Evangelist Mrs Crystal Uche-Obasi

Hospital Administrator and Vice President, SMEEI

Mrs Crystal Obasi is a seasoned administrator with years of experience in medical administration and management.

About The Administrator

She studied Accountancy/economics at the Anambra State College of Education, Awka. She later obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy/Religious studies.

She is an astute administrator who has been on this job for over twenty years.

She is in charge of the following directorates of the hospital.

  • Administration
  • Media / Publicity / Public relations
  • Environment
  • Security
  • Procurement
  • Maintenance
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Skills of Doctor

Mrs Obasi is skilled in many fields, amongst the following:

Media and Publicity

Benefits of Admin

The admin coordinates the following:

Admin's Function and Experience

The following are the activities of the directorate of administration.

·        Co-ordination of the other directorates

·        Posting workers on regular basis to the directorates

·        Running the finance department of the hospital.

This involves payment of dues to governmental agencies and departments. This department ensures practicing license of workers are updated. Proper accounting of the finance of the organization is ensured.

There is a personnel department in charge of monitoring workers’ activities and recruitment of workers.

They are in charge of promotion of workers.

Directorate of procurement

The director of administrator oversees the procurement of instrument, pieces of equipment, medical/ surgical consumables, drugs, injections, drips and blood for surgeries. Procurement of lands and buildings and moveable assets are within her purview.

Technical / Maintenance Directorate

The administrator oversees the maintenance of the hospital. She ensures all instruments and equipment are in working audition. Those of them that are out dated or out of function are changed for a better one.

This directorate is also in charge of the maintenance of the buildings of the hospital. It is also in charge of cars, public address systems, equipment for TV and Radio recording/programs and generators.

It organizes update courses for technicians and specialized training sessions for the various categories of technicians and maintenance engineers.

It organizes orientation courses for new entrants into the directorate.



Security directorate

The director of administration overseas the security directorate. This directorate is in charge of the following.

·        Security of the hospital personnel and property

·        Security of movable assets of the hospital and organization of specialized training sessions for the security operatives.

Media / music directorate

The directorate of administrative oversees this directorate.

They make information concerning the activities of the hospital and the NGO available to Radio stations, TV stations and our website.

They are to set up our own publishing and printing outfits. They are to get renowned publishing houses to publish our works-books and booklets. They are to oversee selling our messages through digital means.

They organize music for our programs.

Directorate of Environment

The hospital administrator is also in charge of the directorate of environment. This directorate is in charge of the following.

·        General cleanliness of the hospital

·        Disposal of refuse

·        Clearing of drainage

·        Regular fumigation of the environment

·        Maintenance of toilets

·        Ensuring the beauty of the lawns, parks and trees

·        Incineration of the hospital wastes.

·        Liaising with the relevant agencies to ensure the building of the hospitals to acceptable environmentally safe standards.

           This also applies to the conversion of residential buildings to hospitals.

·         Brining in environmental experts to train members of the directorate.

Directorate of public Relations

The administrator oversees this directorate involved in the following;

·        Organizing seminars for health care providers who take deliveries

·        Follow-up of absentee antenatal clients.

·        Training field workers and assigning them duties. They can be involved in community and organizational outreaches. They can also get involved in outreaches to religious and social organizations.

·        Selling safe motherhood books, booklets, caps, vests

·        They form the counselling unit in the antenatal clinic

·        They act as ushers to welcome people to safe motherhood hospital and events.

·        They liaise with hospital authorities, maternities, clinics, churches, other religions bodies, shops, offices, and public places to have a place to sell safe motherhood educational and enlightenment materials.



Contact Me

Contact Mrs Obasi by writing to her or calling the clinic line.