What are the problems that can make a labouring pregnant woman unable to deliver vaginally

What are the problems that can make a labouring pregnant woman unable to deliver vaginally and can cause her and her baby death if C\S(abdominal delivery)   does not come to the rescue – Isaiah 66:9 “shall I bring to the time of birth and not cause delivery? says the Lord, shall I, who cause delivery shut up the womb? says your God.God’s plan is to always bring delivery after labour inspect of what problems the enemy brings on the way of a labouring pregnant woman.

For this reason, vaginal delivery fails due to problems that God, in other to achieve his eternal plan of procreation, brought an alternative to vaginal delivery which is an abdominal delivery.

This is God’s gift to humanity and it is a knockout plan against the devil’s plan of making vaginal delivery unattainable.

These problems are;

  • Obstructed labour – a situation where there is no further progress in delivery due to the mechanical obstruction to baby’s passage.
  • Placenta praevia – low lying placenta.
  • Side of head and side of face presenting.
  • Breech in first timers.
  • Breech in first twins i.e leading twins.
  • Transverse lie – baby staying across the abdomen.
  • Baby coming with head but with face presentation.
  • Fetal mal-position e.g. – occipito posterior position – OPP
  • Occipito lateral position OLP.
  • Fibroids in pregnancy blocking the lower segment.
  • Ovarian mass blocking the lower segment.
  • Baby is too big for mother’s waist or cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD)
  • A woman that had a classical C/S previously (an incision was made in the upper part of the womb to deliver the baby).
  • A woman that had a ruptured uterus in her previous delivery.
  • Excessive bleeding following a low lying placenta.
  • When a woman has a very high blood pressure and her Doctor feels C/S is the safest way to deliver the woman to save her and her baby.
  • Diabetes in pregnancy leading to a fetal macrosomic pregnancy. In such situation, the woman will need a C/S to save her and her baby.
  • A woman with previous C/S, post date and no contraction that will lead to vaginal delivery. In such case, induction may lead to uterine rupture that will kill the woman and of cause the baby is the first victim. Abdominal surgery is the way out to be alive.
  • Prolonged labour and baby’s presenting part not descending, this may be due to cord accident holding baby’s neck, shoulder or ankles. This will shorten the cord length and thereby make vaginal delivery difficult. In such cases the woman must go through C/S to have her baby alive and well.
  • Posterior lying placenta – in this situation, the placenta is lying low from the lower back area thereby reducing the passage through which the baby will pass. It can cause obstructed labour making the baby to develop catput succidanum. Without C/S, the baby will die after sometime.
  • Cervical dystocia – this is a situation where a labouring pregnant woman is having strong contraction that supposed to expel the baby if there is cervical dilatation but no dilatation of cervix inspite of the contractions. Some can contract for days yet no dilatation at all. This is a problem that will need surgical intervention to save the woman’s uterus from rupturing if she’s not a first timer and for a first timer to save her from a non-positive result yielding contractions. If intervention is delayed, the baby can die and the woman can develop VVF or RVF if she is a first timer (vesico vaginal fistula or recto vaginal fistula)

Today there is a clarion call from SAFE MOTHERHOOD HOSPITAL to all and aundry to stop these unnecessary deaths of pregnant young women and their baby’s from dying due to the social stigma attached to C/S as evil by all, especially men and women in ministries of all sorts and woman running maternities of all sorts and birth homes of sorts who continually feed pregnant women with vaginal birth mindset only as they only ordained way of delivery.   

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The one hospital for the best and affordable services in Port Harcourt

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