GOD FIRST: Health Care Providers as Priests

Challenges of pregnancy, surgical issues and diseases all have spiritual roots.

Unless their spiritual roots are adequately addressed, a holistic solution can become unattainable. Before the establishment of the safe motherhood empowerment and enlightenment initiative and the safe motherhood specialist hospital, a prayer team (the power house was established on the 28th march 2009.

Health care providers are taught how to handle health-related challenges spiritually even as they apply the scientific evidence – based best medical practices.

Prayers are also made for women, people going for surgery, the sick and the infertile.

Books written for these purposes are used for the lectures. Such books include Prayer for safe delivery, Prayer for safe surgery, Hidden reasons for maternal mortality, the mask of culture, the culture of ignorance, the greatest love story ever told, etc.

Prayers are said before and after every procedure including parenteral injections, evaluation of the infertile, surgeries and childbirth. The results are outstanding- safe deliveries, safe surgeries, healings and fruitfulness.

Every health care provider in Safe motherhood hospital is trained as a Melchizedek priest – a priest of all things. 

Everything used in our practice, the patients, their relations and health care providers are daily sanctified (made clean by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ).

We put God first in our work. We do not engage in unnecessary caesarean sections or surgeries. We refer cases we have no training to handle. We do not defraud patients or collect money for cases that are beyond medical help.

We practice compassion. Emergencies can be attended to without any initial deposit. Poor patients can be discharged home without complete payment of their bills.

Some surgeries are performed on the poor without money.

Prisoners are delivered or have caesarean sections without money.