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Safe Motherhood Empowerment and Enlightenment Initiative (SMEEI)

The issue of reduction of maternal/newborn mortality or morbidity goes beyond the provision of skilled childbirth care.

Pregnant women accessing skilled childbirth care on time is a major factor for safe child birth. These and more reasons was why we founded SMEEi to provide the needed education for proper childbirth care.

25 years of experience, certified doctors & using modern technology

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PEADIATRIC SURGERY at safe motherhood hospital
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Safe Motherhood Empowerment and Enlightenment Initiative
What we do

We assist pregnant women access skilled childbirth care on time.

There are many centrifugal forces drawing women away from genuine help in Nigeria.

These include:

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infant mortality

Enlightening these groups of people is a difficult task but quite rewarding.

They can be reached through television and radio programs.

They can be reached through website and social media platforms.

We organize pregnant women’s health seminars to reach the pregnant women who registered for antennal care with our hospital.

The safe men’s forum is organized to reach their spouses or husbands.

Childbirth attendants’ seminars are organized to enlighten people who take deliveries.

The campaign is taken to churches and other religious bodies. Community outreaches are organized.

This has led to a lot of people knowledgeable about how to preempt and respond to risks of pregnancy and childbirth.

They encourage women to register for antenatal care and deliver in the hospital.

The challenge of getting a lot of people to access skilled childbirth care is that the poor also come, widows, women without husbands, women without jobs whose husbands have no jobs also and prisoners expect to be taken care of.

We are engaged in taking care of such women without money and will be glad if others help us to assist them.

People can do the following.

  • Pay for antenatal care
  • Pay for childbirth care
  • Pay for caesarean section
  • Pay for fibroid operation
  • Build comprehensive emergency obstetric care facilities and pay workers.
  • Pay for educational materials for the enlightenment of all.
  • Pay for television, radio and social media advertisements.